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Who should use JASPITAL?

JASPITAL.COM helps you in finding the right healthcare facility or the doctor. The search can be made in a local area of a city for a clinical department or speciality, for a Treatment or against any specific symptom for which you are seeking medical help

Can I view the detail of the hospitals or clinics?

Yes, you can view details of experience, qualification and credibility of a Doctor. You can also check Doctor's availability in a specific clinic for a particular date or time

Can I book appointment to see a Doctor?

Yes. Simply select the Doctor you liked, mention the date & time and submit an appointment request

How do you rate a Doctor or Hospital?

Rating are given by visitors to the Doctor. Jaspital displays an average of all ratings by users

How is the search result list prepared?

Distance is the top criteria, therefore, nearest Doctor or Hospital is displayed first on the basis of search topic. If there are more Doctors of same qualification nearby, then Doctor who has better customer ratings will be displayed first.

Why should I review or rate?

This will help the concerned healthcare facility to improve the service and will also help others who are viewing there to get an idea without their physical presence.

What is the benefit of using JASPITAL?

JASPITAL consolidates all requiredhealthcare provider information in one single place and this makes life easy for all users to view it. Apart from that,there are selection criteria or filter which helps in narrowing down the search.The search result is impartial unless mentioned as 'sponsored' or 'advertisement'. This process ensures providers with merit will get more appointment and therefore, the process helps the concerned provider to improve their service.

Can I cancel a purchased order and get refund?

JASPITAL has built its products and services with years of research. Continuous feedback is collected from the users to upgrade over period of time. Medical and Technology experts have advised the technical team in terms of requirement, utility and value. The price is kept at a very reasonable level. Customer should ask for demo for better understanding, there are Trial version of product is also available to customers before making a purchase decision. As a policy, Jaspital does not allow a cancellation or refund on any purchases made by client.

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