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India for Health

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How it works

List your treatment needs

Check your need for treatment, find your options locally and globally, Check your medical visa eligibility

Locate a Hospital

Browse by city a specialty Doctor or a Hospital in an Indian city of your choice

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Send your details and Enquire about treatment details, duration, cost of treatment and living – for a customized service response

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Most preferred treatments

Heart Surgery

Angiography, Bypass, Open heart, Valve surgery, Pace maker


ICSE, Donor Egg, IUI, Surrogacy, Freezing egg or sperm

Organ Transplant

Liver, Kidney, Cornea, Bone Marrow, Heart

Cosmetic Surgery

Eyes, Lips, Face, Scar, Breast, weight loss, Bariatric

Joint Replacement

Knee, Hip, Spinal disc, Slipped disc, Herniated disc

Cancer Treatment

Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Cervical cancer

Preferred cities in India for treatment by overseas patients are Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata


End to end services

Healthcare to Tourism – all under one roof Service

Jaspital is the market place for top rated Hospitals and Clinics for a comprehensive healthcare for overseas patients. Users feedback on quality is taken on every experience and only best providers are given access to our clients

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Additional personalized services arranged to suit all type of travelers

   Expert opinion

   Suggestion on local tests

   Estimated cost

   Assistance on Visa

   Itinerary of travel

   Pickup from Airport

   Nearby stay arrangement


   Post treatment follow up

Estimate of treatment

It is very important to have a rough estimate before heading out. One thing, you have to remember that duration of treatment is important and can sway your budget largely.

Besides treatment, procedure and consultation, the other important costs are hospital bed occupancy, travel and living

Jaspital brought a quick calculator for you to create a budget. It requires you to fill in few basic information in 5 steps. Would you like to estimate the approximate cost of treatment in India?

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