Welcome to Shradha Dental Centre Research Projects In Vitro Study of the tensile strength of various suture materials-2009. Comparison of 2 different bone graft materials for ridge augmentation after implant placement- July 2008 Study on the effect of tobacco on the Population- Jan 2008. Detailed study on the effects of periodontal disease on pregnancy- June 2007. Co relation study on the oral health of a mother and child- Sept 2006. Several other Publicatins also made on Dentistry


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Deep cleaning Scaling Check Price

Deep cleaning Ultrasonic scaling Check Price

Dental Implants Check Price

Teeth Grinding Check Price

Gum Tissue Grafts Check Price

Gum Contouring Check Price

Veneers Check Price

Bridges Check Price

Tooth Restoration Check Price

Air abrasion Check Price

Recontouring Teeth Check Price

Tooth Sealants Check Price

Mouth Guards Check Price

Metal Free Crown - Zirconia Crowns Check Price

Metal Crown Check Price

Cosmetic Fillings Metal Free Crown (Procera, 3M, L Check Price

Cosmetic Fillings Composite (Nano Ceramic Mono Cem Check Price

Other Fillings Simple Amalgam Check Price

Other Fillings Complex Amalgam Check Price

Other Fillings Indirect Pulp Capping Check Price

Root Canal Rotary RCT Check Price

Root Canal Front Tooth Check Price

Root Canal Back Tooth Check Price

Root Canal Pulpectomy (child) Check Price

Fibre Post And Core For Severely Damaged Tooth Check Price

Removal Partial Dentures Check Price

Removal Full Mouth Compete Denture Check Price

Surgeries Tooth Extraction/Removal Check Price

Surgeries Third Molar Extraction Check Price

Surgeries Impacted Tooth Removal Check Price

Surgeries Minor Surgeries Check Price

Surgeries Biopsy Check Price

Orthodontics (Braces) Metal Check Price

Orthodontics (Braces) Lingual/Incognito Check Price

Orthodontics (Braces) Invisalign (clear or invisib Check Price

Skyce Crystals Dental Jewelry Check Price

Cosmetic Contouring Check Price

Gum Surgery Check Price

Alloderm Gum Graft Check Price

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