Smart Analytics

Email and Virtual 24 x 7 to understand, resolve your problems and coach you use the tool optimally

Any time messaging

Elegant SMS and Email editor to send quick messages or reminder to patients

Tab on Expenses

All expenses small and big can be tracked in easy ledger system including Doctor Settlements

Data Transfer

Transfer your Clinic and Patient data in csv, excel format with a small charge for effort

Real time Support

Email and Virtual 24 x 7 to understand, resolve your problems and coach you use the tool optimally

Data Security

Highest level of Encryption for transmission and access. Role based access to Patient and Financial data

Jaspital Rx is always available, anytime, anywhere.

Doctor & Staff are happy.

Jaspital Rx makes management a breeze and buildssuper-efficient workdays for staff. And doctorsalways love using the most up-to-date version, with no extra or hidden charges.

Real-Time Booking

When a patient books an appointment online, your staff can immediately contact and register their information for hassle free visits. This also helps to avoid double booking.

Simple Billing

In a few clicks, Jaspital Rx manages your estimation, billing, medicine cost paperlessly with even more options coming soon. Extremely easy.

Extra Hands

Jaspital Rx works as your full-time staff person, including maintaining each patient’s medical history, past tests reports and other data together, which frees up your staff to do other things.

So Secure

Forget writing prescriptions or entering data everywhere, Jaspital Rx stores every file and data so it’s safe to use, comprehensive and manageable from anywhere.

Your patients will be happy too.

Patients can book online, get instant messages, health check-up reminders and get reimbursed from insurance companies – all this with no paperwork.

Easy Booking

In a few hassle free clicks, patients can book one or multiple visits with their desired specialists. It’s easy to book appointments through Jaspital website too!

Helpful Reminders

Bing! Your patient will receive an appointment reminder message or email instantly, which ensure no missed appointments.

Personalized Experience

Jaspital Rx helps in maintaining your relationship with customer. You can send automated birthday and festivals wishes to your patients.

Hassle Free Claims

With billing online, your customers get compensatedspontaneously after doing zero paperwork. (Hooray!)

Features - Booking, scheduling, registration, billing & analytics

Online Booking& Scheduling - Turning patient’s visits into actual appointments. Jaspital Rx makes sure that anyone can search for your clinic and book an appointment – even people with little computer knowledge. Once patients see how easy it is to book with you, they’ll be back! Even you staff will have good time booking appointments, scheduling and sending reminders.

Booking Appointments Made Easy

Everyone loves online booking, Jaspital Rx so it works seamlessly with your clinic’s schedule.

See Everything At A Glance

You're always a click away.

Super-FastTo Use

It is designed to lessen steps and make finishing jobs more efficient.

Patient Registration - See What You Want To See

When you book an appointment with Jaspital Rx, the patient’s information is registered and visible in one click.

Medicine, Inventory& Stocks

Easily maintain information about available medicine and other items.

Crystal Clear Analytics

Get a big-picture analytical overview of your clinic in easy-to-read reports.

What our client say !

Affordable Packages


Rs 500 /month
  • Customer Relationship
  • Clinic Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Birthday and festival greetings
  • SMS reminders
  • Treatment Estimate
  • Billing and Balance
  • Smart Reports
  • 3 users
  • 500 SMS and emails


Rs 1000 /month
  • Customer Relationship
  • Clinic Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • All RX-LITE Features
  • Patient Registration
  • Clinical Sessions
  • Prescriptions and Medicine
  • Lab Reports
  • X-Ray, Scan Images
  • 5 User
  • 1000 SMS and emails

Tell us your story of how you run your clinic, and we’ll tailor a pricing model that works for you.

Faqs about MyCR

What types of doctors use Jaspital Rx?

Any Doctor who has a clinic or private setup to consult patients, can start using Jaspital Rx. This software is meant to manage patient record, billing and appointments.

How protected is my data in Jaspital Rx? Is my data safe?

Jaspital Rx servers are hosted with credible and compliant cloud providers. They take multiple back up and create redundancy to ensure no data loss. Transactions with Jaspital Rx system are also encrypted to https standard to ensure no hacking or stealing while you use the system. Even when your personal computer is corrupted, your data is safe and intact for your on-demand access. Only authorised users whom you provide access will be able to view and edit your data.

How do I merge my existing clinic data into Jaspital Rx?

Jaspital support team will help you to migrate your existing data from backend by using data conversion tools. You may discuss about such available data and its format with our sales team.

Does Jaspital Rx work offline?

Jaspital Rx is meant to be used from anywhere and by multiple users online. Therefore, offline access is not provided as of now

I have never used a software, will I or my staff require specific training? How shall I reach Jaspital if I have a problem?

Jaspital Rx has very simple and intuitive user interface. It is designed with feedback from multiple practising Doctors. Anyone can get started quickly even without a formal training. However, we have friendly customer focused teams available to help handhold to create initial setup so that you can start immediately. The support team will also take your queries, suggestion, feedback and close them over email, phone or chat

As I am not sure of software usage, do you offer limited periodTrial?

There is a limited period trial option. Please get in touch with nearest sales personnel to help you or write to us at

Does Jaspital Rx help me increase my number of Appointments?

Jaspital Rx is meant to manage your patient and clinic information in a proven way. This also helps you to engage with patients better. Reason why there is a larger adoption of EMR involving practising Doctors. However, getting appointments by online searchers are dependent on multiple factors like your credibility, visibility, digital image and what patients are talking about you. You may want to talk about your Jaspital MyCRTM rating with our sales staff to understand better

What about updates? Will I have to modify or purchase the software again?

All updates and modifications will be provided free during the subscription period